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Jeans Manufacture BD was launched at 1997 in Bangladesh. It has many of sectors which are engaged into doing many of activities. Those who are wanted to give ordering can be gone through online. We have ordered from online also.



Jeans manufacture BD have about Largest sector and as a result of manufacturing many kind of jeans. There has about 100’s machines. The capacity of manufacturing jeans is about 10,00,000 pieces per month. There are many of essentials which are played a vital role to manufacture jeans


Quality Assurance

For having good quality into jeans manufacture BD, it has become more favorable throughout the world as a jeans exporter in Bangladesh. When we are going to make jeans, you have considered many of good points such as fabric, button and so on.


Future Plan

We have taken many of plans which are helped us to achieve our goal. We are going to open a new jeans brand that is contained with high features. We have already started to give offering franchise for the brand jeans and our company is going to be  top level jeans suppliers in Bangladesh.